Samsung Safety Truck Helps Drivers

Samsung has found a way to prove that they can do more with their technology that helping people communicate. Argentina is renowned for being the country with the most one-lane roads and brave drivers who hurry to reach their destination. Drivers who would even risk their lives and the lives of others to do so.

I remember the first time I overtook a truck on a single lane road. When getting back on the lane, I was sweating like a pig and my heart was beating so hard, ready to rip out my chest. And I said:”never again.” But driving implies being at constant risk because you never know what might happen because of your mistake or the recklessness¬†of others.

This is the main reason why Safety Truck came to life. This is a truck that has a wireless camera placed on the front and which displays the road ahead on a screen located on the back of the truck.  This concept is meant to reduce the collisions generated by car drivers who want to overtake other cars.

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The camera mounted at the front of the truck broadcast the signal to four monitors located on the back of the truck. This gives the drivers a clear view of what’s ahead, allowing them to remain safe while on the road.

Unfortunately, Samsung said that the truck is not functioning for the moment, but they are collaborating with the government and NGOs in order to develop this technology and hopefully come up with a more advanced one.

In addition to this, Samsung hasn’t offered a clear timetable with their plans on expanding the safety truck so we are left to believe that it is not their priority for the moment. Let’s just hope they are taking this project into consideration since it appears to be quite a useful idea. And, most importantly, it can save a lot of lives. Enough said!