Safety Check-O-Meter for Your Tires in 2016

The tires of your car or truck are the main point of contact between the vehicle and the road and hence, play a crucial role in determining the performance of the steam. Your vehicle might be backed by a high-voltage engine and the latest engineering, but you still can’t expect robust results if you are wrong with the tires. The post below offers some tips to ensure safe tires for your wheels.
Before getting into the actual discussion, you must know about the four major sectors related to tire safety check – air pressure, tread depth, damage/irregular wear, and tire shopping.

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Checking the air pressure
Adequate air pressure is necessary for an optimal run of the tires. Thus, you have to check the tire pressure once in a month minimum and also before steering out on a long ride. Make sure to keep the tires properly inflated always.
-The standard tire pressure for the vehicle is stated in the vehicle’s operating manual. You might also find it under the fuel cap, in the glove compartment and the doorsill of the driver.
-Check the air pressure when your tires are cold.
-The air pressure should be kept at a higher level when the vehicle is about carry a huge load or would be towing caravan or a trailer.
-Use an accurate and reliable gauge and pressure scale
-The pressure should be checked for all the tires, including the spare ones.
-If you are unsure about any aspect regarding tire pressure, take the vehicle to your local fitting center and consult a concerned specialist.

Tread depth
More tread implies better grip in wet areas. You have to check the tire tread depth on a regular basis either with the inbuilt tread-wear indicator shown by the tires or through a tread gauge. You must know that tread grooves have to retain a specific minimum depth while measured at TWI (Tread Wear Indicator) which is located around the circumference of your tire. The tread depth must be checked on all tires of the vehicle.
-Check each of the main grooves.
-Check the depth once in 30 days.
-Insert a 20p coin inside main tire grooves at different places around tire circumference and across the tire width.
-If the outer rim of your coin is still visible while checking the tread, it implies illegal tread depth and you have to take the tires to a specialist.

Cheap vs. Expensive Tires
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Buying the tires
You must make sure to buy your tires from a reliable truck tires wholesale dealer, based on a comparative study between 3-4 dealers. The one you choose should be a highly reputed name in the market and promise quality tires from leading brands only. The good news is that these wholesale tire dealers often extend discounted truck tires sale where you can enjoy great rebates and free shipping at times.

Damage/irregular wear
You must check your tires regularly for signs of bumps, irregular wear, tears, cuts, bulges, or cracks. The checking must be done every month on every tire of the vehicle and on each side of your tires. Don’t forget to check the wheel rims as well.

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