Roush presenting new 427R Mustang

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If you are a person that love Mustang’s thunderous (although I do not know who would not like it), then this story is (in particular) for you. Those at Roush revealed first official details and photos with the new 427R, a thunderous first version of the new Ford Mustang.
Under the hood, the new Roush 427R hides a V8 engine surcharge of 4.6 liters that develops at least 435 horsepower and 542 Nm. Also, the muscle car received a new suspension, and now sits on 18 inch wheels wear Cooper Zeon tires.

Roush 427R Mustang

As was expected the Roush 427R comes with a slightly changed appearance from a standard Mustang thanks to a new body kit. For people who want more than that, tuner and offers a range of options such as an exhaust, a performance braking system, 20 inch wheels and more.

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