Rinspeed UC concept

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Rinspeed UC concept has just been unveiled in Geneva before beginning. The company presented full details, pictures and video with first Rinspeed UC. The company says that Rinspeed UC combine concept cars, trains and the Internet in a New Mobility Concept.

Rinspeed UC concept

Rinspeed UC aims to integrate personal car and public transport with a transverse loading system that allows loading and unloading of numerous vehicles Rinspeed UC.

Rinspeed’s UC passenger are numbered and book online and are given a 3G internet connection. Rinspeed UC is connected through VoIP2Car technology for IP telephony, video chat, video conferences and e-mail. Rinspeed UC conveyors can be loaded on board while you are at the restaurant.

Rinspeed UC concept

Developers say that Rinspeed UC will have autonomy of 120 km on a single charge and a top speed of 110 km / h.

Watch the first video of Rinspeed UC here:

Rinspeed UC concept Video

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