Repair or Replace: Which is the Better Choice for Your Cracked Glass?


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Before you know it, there’s a chip or a crack in your windshield, and it’s looking absolutely horrid while also obstructing your view while while driving. What a nuisance, right? Luckily, there are a couple way you can deal with it, so there’s no need to enter panic mode straight away. But how do you know whether you should repair the glass or replace it altogether?

Trying to repair it should be the first thing that comes to your mind

Of course, repairing it is not always an option, and certainly does depend on the scope of the damage your windshield has sustained. As a general rule of thumb, it’s often possible to repair smaller chips and cracks, while dealing with major ones is a much harder task that often leaves you with no other choice than the last resort: simply replacing it all.


The factors that help you decide whether you should repair or replace it

The skill of the company’s employees is also a factor. The more skilled they are, the larger cracks they’ll be able to tackle. The depth of the crack is another huge factor. As you may be aware, the car glass is just like a sandwich in a way, meaning it’s composed of multiple layers. If the damage affects both the outer and the inner layer of the glass, it means the crack is too deep to consider repairing it.

Finally, the location of the damage is another important consideration. Basically, if the damage is located near to the outer edge of the glass, this spells out some dire news; these types of cracks often tend to endanger the structural integrity of the glass. Simply repairing it could be very dangerous, since the whole thing could shatter at any moment. Then again, if the crack is hindering the driver’s line of sight in any way, that’s bad news. Repairing it means it’s going to be harder to see through that specific spot, so replacing the windshield might be a better course of action.

A few tips on how to choose the best car glass repair provider

When it comes to glass repair, the reputation of the business owner is pretty much the main thing it all boils down to. The most complete auto glass services out there have earned their place in the market through quality workmanship, reasonable turnaround times, and overall customer satisfaction.

This can all be checked online; just do a quick Google search and you’ll discover what the customers are saying. It’s also a good idea to read some in-depth reviews. The other thing that can tip the scale is the type of guarantees and warranties they can offer you, and – of course – the price point of their services.


Now you know what determines whether a car glass is worth repairing or if you should start thinking about replacing it entirely. Remember, you should be taking the advice you’ve received today as loose guidelines only; the car repair shop employees are probably more qualified to make the final call, and you should definitely listen to their judgment.