Reliable Driving And Reliable Service: Drive A Lincoln


Why has Lincoln been known as the one of the most reliable brand names in the auto world for decades? Only a few years ago, Auto blog reported on a study that had determined that Lincoln was the world’s most reliable auto brand, beating out all of the competitors, including other luxury brands. Its reliability comes from the fact that its engines and other parts are built to last over 100,000 miles, and a concentrated effort over recent decades to solve common issues with interior cabins, brakes, transmission, and steering, and build a better vehicle.

If you’re drawn to Lincoln because it’s one of the most reliable luxury cars on the market, it’s natural that you’d expect more than just a good deal at your Brampton Lincoln dealership. Driving a Lincoln is about enjoying the luxury of the drive, but buying from the right Lincoln dealership in Brampton can also mean that the rest of your ownership experience is equally luxurious.


When you’ve already decided on the kind of car you want to drive, the only difficult decision left is choosing a dealership. One of the things you should look for is a reliable, well-reviewed service centre. When you buy a Lincoln from a Brampton dealership like Colony Lincoln, you should expect quick, comfortable service. Their number one priority should always be to get you back on the road again, whether you’ve been in a collision or you’re just there for an annual tune up. Find out what their hours are; will you even be able to use their service centre when you need it? How long has the dealership been in business; will they be around five years from now when your new car really starts to need maintenance?

Buying your new car doesn’t have to be stressful, either, nor should it be. Let the dealer do the work for you by using a tool like the CarFinder used by Colony Lincoln in Brampton. It’s a tool that will help you narrow down your options to the vehicles that fit the kind of lifestyle and driving preferences you have. Sit back and let someone else worry, while you choose a brand-new luxury car, crossover, or SUV.

Anyone still not convinced that they want to buy a new Lincoln car need only look to the brand’s spokesman for a good reason. Matthew McConaughey’s roles in Lincoln ads over the past few years has been spoofed and parodied ad nauseum, but the ads have worked. Lincoln sales have increased enormously in the past few years, both thanks to a stylish marketing campaign and revamped Lincoln classics like the Continental, as well as its introduction into the crossover market with the MKC. But the real success behind the ads is real affection for the brand; apparently, the star of Dallas Buyers Club and True Detective has been driving Lincoln since his 2011 role in Lincoln Lawyer put him behind the wheel of a Continental. Find out why the luxurious feel of driving a Continental turned McConaughey into a lifelong Lincoln fan by taking a test drive.