Recycle your car and Help Someone in need

Life is a combination of happyness and disappointments, surprizes and sad moments. There is not one old person who could say she had never felt down, without hope, at least one period of time in her life. One of the moments when a person feels she lost hope is after losing a job. Unfortunately this can happen at any age, regardless of her qualification level, looks, and number of skills useful for the society. When you are in such a situation, wishing to find a solution indicates that you are still strong and capable, deserving a second chance.

These are the thoughts that came up to my mind while reading about the Recycling Lives Charity from the United Kingdom. This is a group of people that seem to really want to help other people by offering them another chance to have a good life. They do this daily through an efficient six-stage programme available for homeless and vulnerable people who really need a helping hand to get back on their feet and get full-time emplyment.

The six-stage programme involves offering stable accommodation, work experience, skills development, as well as personal support.

To be able to do these, the charity has different methods of collecting donations. One of the supporters is the Scrap Car Network service, which is UK’s biggest service of its kind. The modern service accepts any vehicle and collects it completely free, without paperwork or any mess.

They offer the best price for your car and you can check this by simply entering your car registration number plus a few details about it to get a quote. They do even more than this. If you don’t want to recycle your car, the Scrap Car Network can buy it for resale.
You too can be part of this, earn some cash while helping others in need.

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