Queue on a truck? The Ford Shelby F-250 Super Baja is loud and proud

Shelby American is the outfit launched by Carroll Shelby that produces ongoing Cobra cars. It also massages some Ford products with improvements and a healthy dose of Shelby insignia. The latest offering is the Ford Shelby F-250 Super Baja, a super-duty quad cab that weighs the company’s 6.7 liter turbo-diesel “Power Stroke” and then receives a unique Shelby off-road treatment.

In terms of hardware, Shelby American bolts a suspension package suitable for massive vehicles. The Super Baja rolls on a set of 37-inch tires, with the clearance provided by a combination of Fox shock absorbers and a BDS suspension lift kit, plus supportive mods for those parts. The engine is unchanged, but given its earthquake moment, that’s probably fine.

There are also extensive pearance and utility mods. It’s hard to miss the massive light bars, locking screws on the bed, ram air intake and exhaust vents on the hood, rock scrapers, powder coated front and rear steel bumpers, etc. The interior features restored seats with retro-style stitching and all the Shelby embroidery you’d expect. Combine this kit with the traditional Shelby stripes and badges and it’s an imposing truck.


At an appropriately imposing price. The limited edition of 250 units starts at $ 125,805 – including the Lariat Ultimate 4 × 4 dispenser, which is already in the $ 70,000 range.

The mail queue on a truck? The Ford Shelby F-250 Super Baja is loud and proud of MotorTrend.

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