PROTON Hybrid Concept

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Little Malay manufacturer of Proton has ambitions high enough to present at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, in partnership with Italdesign, city car with a hybrid powertrain, which should come into the series few years later.

PROTON Hybrid Concept

Proton is a new Hybrid concept car 3.5 meters long with room for 4 people and an interesting design, signed by Italian house Italdesign.

Hybrid propulsion system is similar to the solution offered by Chevrolet Volt: heat engine is placed under the face hood, while package of electric motor and lithium-ion batteries is placed in the rear console – propulsion is provided strictly by the electric motor, heat engine having just load function for electric batteries.

Interior configuration is praised as providing a new level of space and modular class that is part car, and comfort facilities are numerous. More details will be offered at the Geneva Motor Show in 2010, when we will knew any plans for large series production of the hybrid concept Proton.

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