Products for Securing your Trailer


There are a number of ways in which you can secure your trailer without necessarily have to pay large sums of money. Some of these techniques include the locking of your trailer and making sure that you use the right type of trailer for your requirements. You should also ensure that you follow common sense so that you only leave the trailer unattended when necessary and you leave it somewhere secure when it is not in use and is being stored over winter or for any period of time.


There are also a number of products that you can purchase that will help you to secure your trailer. Beyond making sure that the trailer resides in a secure permanent location, you can rely on the use of trailer wheel locks and shroud locks; not only are these secure but they are often considered insurance approved and offering the greatest possible protection against theft and burglary of your property.

shroud locks for trailers

The wheel lock works in a basic premise; the same premise that wheel locks for cars and motorbikes work on too. A bar or chain is fed through the wheel and secured via disc and lock. This prevents the wheel from moving so that the trailer cannot be moved or removed and is a highly effective barrier to the removal of the trailer.

A shroud lock is also an effective means of securing your trailer and can be especially useful during the winter period when a trailer is a lot less likely to be used with any consistency. The shroud lock sits over the locking ball and this makes it impossible for anybody else to be able to hitch your trailer to their vehicle and move or remove it. This makes the shroud lock a very effective method of protecting your trailer.

As well as shroud locks for trailers and trailer wheel clamps you should follow a few basic security guidelines with regards to how you store and look after your trailer. Always lock the trailer and use any security features and additions that you have; a failure to do this is one of the most common reasons for theft or burglary of a trailer.