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From press reports to statistics, the cost of owning a Toyota has been shown repeatedly to be among the best. This combines the price, the car’s repair records, the car’s fuel economy, the car’s resale value, and the projected length of time that the Toyota will be usable. For some, that’s as long as 20 years. Toyota is number one in car longevity. Car shoppers can research these themselves at sites like

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For instance, The Toyota model cost of ownership for the Camry sedan is projected to be $3,667 less than its competitors. It can be compared head-to-head with the Ford Fusion, Honda Accord, and Hyundai Sonata. That’s based on the Camry’s excellent fuel economy, depreciation, insurance and more. One definite factor is Toyota Care which adds both complimentary maintenance and roadside assistance in addition to an excellent warranty. Toyota’s reputation for the most 2013 IIHS Top Safety Picks was another deciding factor. After all, staying out of accidents is a major goal of the Camry’s electronic traction and braking systems.

Getting a head-to-head comparison is a valuable tool when deciding which vehicle is worth the money. There are similar comparisons for many other models. Even though the website covers a wide variety of Toyota models, from the compact Corolla to the mighty Tundra, the overall results are the same for all models. Toyota really can deliver a better buy for the money.

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