Press Release: How to Qualify for Exceptional Hardship Revealed

  • Over 9,000 UK drivers currently have 12 points or more on their licence, according to DVLA
  • Law firm, Poole Alcock, advises on how drivers could qualify for ‘exceptional hardship’ with new calculator
  • Even if successful, “an exceptional hardship truly is a ‘last chance’ to avoid disqualification,” says solicitor.

Most drivers are guilty of the average fault or breaking of the rules, but few ever get to the point of actually being disqualified. In fact, out of the current number of drivers in the UK, 9,000, or 0.02%, are currently ineligible to drive after racking up 12 or more points on their licence!

However, not all of them have or will have their licence taken away. Drivers can file for an ‘exceptional hardship,’ detailing how the loss of a driving licence could have a significant adverse effect on their livelihood. 

Motoring solicitors at Poole Alcock have recently unveiled an Exceptional Hardship Calculator for drivers to see whether or not they qualify to make the argument in court. The calculator takes into account whether the driver is the primary source of income for the household, if driving to and from work is the only means of transport, and whether they are responsible for dependents or childcare amongst other stipulations.

But getting an exceptional hardship ruling is not that easy. 

As Derek MacDonald, Partner at Poole Alcock Solicitors warns: “It is important to remember that being allowed to continue driving with 12 or more points on your licence is not the norm. The Court’s starting point will be to disqualify and it will often have little sympathy for the driver.

“After all, disqualification is a natural consequence of the driver’s repeated breach of motoring regulations. If somebody has been caught multiple times for traffic offences, even if they are minor in nature, this would suggest a cavalier disregard for the rules which are supposed to keep the rest of us safe.”

He also emphasises that getting an exceptional hardship ruling is not common and doesn’t take away the fines or the penalty. It may not take away the entire disqualification period either, but simply reduce it at the discretion of the Court. 

For more information on exceptional hardships and to see whether a driver qualifies, visit Poole Alcock’s site: 

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