Pre-Owned Perks: High Tech Features You Can Find on Used Cars

One of the reasons people decide against used cars is that they fear missing out on important innovations — parking cameras, blind spot sensors, Bluetooth, adaptive cruise control, and so much more. It’s a matter of safety, they tell themselves, and then pay whatever high prices new cars go for. As with many assumptions, this one is often dead wrong. Certainly, if you buy a car from 1995, it isn’t likely to have Bluetooth or high-tech safety features. If you pick a reasonably old car, though, you can usually get most of the best ones. If the idea that used cars could be high-tech makes you wonder, here’s proof.

Take the Dodge Charger

A 2007 Dodge Charger in Canada can cost no more than $10,000. It comes with keyless entry, though, as well as satellite radio, electronic stability control, standard cruise control, passenger airbag sensors and traction control.

The Lincoln MKS

A 2010 Lincoln MKS may be six years old, but it boasts tech features such as exterior keypad entry, dual zone climate control, Ford Sync navigation and entertainment, Bluetooth, adaptive cruise control, and Ford’s Eco-Boost.

The Toyota Camry

A Camry may be the byword for unexciting reliability. It gets plenty of features, though. A cheap 2003 Camry will give you solar energy absorbing glass and Toyota ECTi intelligent automatic transmission.

The Dodge Ram 1500

The newer you get, the better the features become. The 2009 Ram features Bluetooth, climate control, heated mirrors, heated seats in position memory, as well as parking sensors, surround airbags and tire pressure monitor.

The Toyota Sienna

The cars listed so far cost less than $15,000. If you’re willing to go higher up, though, the 2013 Toyota Sienna comes with comprehensive surround airbags, Bluetooth, daytime running lights, tire pressure monitor, trip computer, universal garage door opener and backup camera.

The Ford Edge

Blind spot monitoring is an incredible safety feature. It is built into the side mirrors to show up objects just outside the view offered. It’s a feature that can be found on cars as early as Ford Edges from 2010 and 2011. Other goodies include a post-crash alert system, safety canopy, hill start assist, illuminated door entry keypad, Secure Keylock antitheft system and a MyKey top speed limiter.

Modern cars come with so many other invaluable features such as collision warning and heads-up display. These can be found on cars as early as 2005. One example would be the BMW 6 series that costs as little as $17,000. Run-flat tires are another great innovation you can find on all kinds of used cars. Great technology isn’t just about entertainment — it’s also about safety and lifesaving innovation. If you only had $15,000 to spend on a car, and if you bought new, you probably couldn’t get some of these wonderful technologies. When you go used, though, your money simply goes farther.

Samuel Caverly is a bit of a car geek. When not tinkering with his own cars, he enjoys writing articles about cars and the latest technology. He contributes to a selection of auto related blogs.

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