Power by Hamann HM670

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The new BMW X6 M is already the most powerful SUV in the world. But that has not impressed the people from Hamann. And with much less prevented from making it more powerful … So now is the time to make acquaintance with Hamann HM670! Der uber X6 M!

Hamann HM670

V8 Twin Turbo
. 4.4 liters. 555 hp and 680 Nm. Or, more recently, by an optimized ECU and installed a new exhaust system, 670 horsepower and 850 Nm! Top speed? 295 km!

Hamann HM670

And all the frenzy of the hood is protrudes through aerodynamic kit – extremely aggressive, composed of front and rear spoilers, side sills and, last but not least, two ailerons. Of course, the LEDs could not miss, evacuation has four outputs, the suspension was lowered and the wheels measures, depending on preferences, 22 or 23 inches.

Hamann HM670

Nothing inside has escaped and may be accessorized with drive sport aluminum pedals, mats and carbon fiber inserts.

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