Porsche Panamera by TopCar

The new Porsche Panamera start a real war in the world of tuning. After the Germans from Gemballa, 9ff and respectively English from Oakley Design, among Russians from TopCar came to show us their vision about the model in Stuttgart.
And when we say we provide, we refer only to some photos that, most likely, are made in Photoshop. Details are missing at this moment, but as you can see the Panamera Turbo from the Russian company will receive at least one new body kit and new rims. At a closer look, shall observe and huge brakes and exhaust evacuation of four drums.

Porsche Panamera by TopCar

About engine does not know anything, but considering that people from TopCar are “friends” with 9ff, no it will not escape unscathed. It remains to be seen! Perhaps at the Essen Motor Show in November we will clarify this.

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