Porsche Gemballa GT 600 Aero 3 Sport Design

At the end of last month, Gemballa offered this special edition of a new Carrera GT model, called Mirage GT Gold Edition. Well, now we have a new edition from the German supercar.
Now we deal with a new edition of the SUV’s in Stuttgart. Because if it is Porsche Carrera GT, the Porsche Cayenne.
Gemballa GT 600 Aero 3 Design Sport is actually a Porsche Cayenne Turbo better than ever, but not very attractive … Something like Usain Bolt. 🙂

Porsche Gemballa GT 600 Aero 3 Sport Design

Under the hood are hidden no less than 600 horses. It adds a new exhaust, new brake system and an electronically controlled suspension and the technique has been fixed. A problem that still remains is the aesthetic. The new body kit not convincing enough, at least from the front; 22-inch wheels on changing the look and not too little. But we don’t discuss tastes …It doesn’t matter, because inside you can enjoy all 600 hp!

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