Porsche 911 tuned by SpeedART

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The Geneva Motor Show is preparing us for something absolutely gorgeous: a Porsche 911 tuned by SpeedART. What can we expect from this new experience?

A new aero kit called the SP91-R, which includes styling improvements up front and a CS rear wing out back, 20/21-inch LSC forged rims and a brand new suspension.Under the hood, we are amazed by a new sports exhaust system and a re-programmed ECU which try to keep up with the 3.4 liter engine, recently improved with an extra 25 hp and 20 newton meters of torque to the rear wheels.

Additional upgrades like alcantara trim, leather upholstery or racing accessories and many more will be shown at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

So stay tuned!

Source: www.fancytuning.com