Performance tires

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Modern cars come with recommended tires stick to these and you will be perfect. Never have different tires on the same axle. New tires should generally go on the rear to prevent over steer problems and try to get the same or very similar tread patterns for the front and rear. Bear in mind that tyres tested as the best on track could be the worst on road. Tracks are smooth and our roads are full of ruts and potholes the tire may bounce or just create a harsh and noisy ride.

Performance tyres

Tyre pressures also have a profound effect on handling and keep them up to the manufactures recommended pressures for the speeds you are driving at and the car will handle predictably and the tires will last check them visually every day and check pressure weekly regular loss of pressure can be caused by a puncture, a faulty valve, a split in the wall of the tire or heavy driving so get a suspect tire checked properly. Driving with the wrong tire pressures is as illegal as driving with below the minimum tread depth.


Tyre prices vary considerable and this should be taken into account when buying a rim. Often a slightly larger profile can save as much as £200 per tire! So make sure you don’t end up with a really rare size as a premium will always be attached to the price and many tire specialists will have to order in stock when you need a replacement.

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