Opel has received over 100,000 orders for the new Astra in Europe

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Germans from Opel have received over 100,000 orders for the Astra in Europe. The commercialization started Europe in December, and the high number of commands will make an exchange in addition to the Opel factory in Gliwice, Poland.

2010 Opel Astra

Opel Astra’s expectations for sales already exceeded by 10%, they anticipating sales of 180,000 units for the first full year, since the new Astra is available on the market.

Opel Astra is the second compact car in terms of market sales in Germany, and Astra’s sales is more by 38 percent as the same period last year. For now, the new Astra is available only in five-door hatchback version, Opel following its launch and then a wagon version of this model, and a three-door version.

Opel Astra received a number of awards since its launch, like the Golden Steering Wheel from German publication AutoBild, and also the prize “Car of the Year in Spain”.

Also, the model was chosen the best for publications as: “La Vanguardia”, “Autofaci”, and many more, and it’s also the “Car of the Year in the Canary Islands”.
[Source: Opel]

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