O.CT Audi S3 – 550 CP and RWD

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It’s been a while since I have not heard anything tuner O. CT but surely he knows to make a good impression when announcing something new. Last tuner creation of Austria is an Audi S3 as excessive which was turned into a beast with rear traction.
Besides the transition from hauling integral to the rear, O. CT replaced 1.8 turbo engine and 210 hp with one twin-turbo V6 of 2.7 liters to grow no less than 550 hp. Austrian tuner outside of the car equipped with a wide bodykit which includes ailerons wider, while the interior has added elements of carbon fiber, clam-type chairs, a new drive and new instruments board.
Even if this version is unique and was more for demonstrations and shows, Austrian tuner would not say not possible orders from the public.

oct-audi-s3.jpg oct-audi-s3-2.jpg oct-audi-s3-3.jpg
O.CT Audi S3 – 550 CP and RWD
oct-audi-s3-4.jpg oct-audi-s3-5.jpg oct-audi-s3-6.jpg
O.CT Audi S3 – 550 CP and RWD

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