Novitec Rosso is Doing Some Tuning on Ferrari!

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A car that goes beyond the features that made it famous.

This new Ferrari FF has suffered some changes and now it can be said that it looks like a genuine hunter.

Tuned by Novitec Rosso, this Ferrari was improved with 4 separate power upgrades that include an ECU tune( 674 HP and 696 Nm of torque), a stainless steel exhaust jump (679 HP and 701 Nm of torque) and two more, which pretty much bring the output to the same levels (684/692 HP and 708/714 Nm of torque).


 In addition to this variety of offers, customers will also have the right to a hydraulic system, an adjustable spring kit (can be lifted up to 40 mm),  a front lip spoiler, front grill, mirror covers, side skirts, roof spoiler, taillight covers, a carbon fiber trim kit, new leather and shift pedals (on the interior).

It looks good!