Nissan Maxima 2012 changed its looks

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Nissan Maxima is planning to great 2012 with a redesigned look. It’s like plastic surgery for women, only when we do it, they call it eccentric.

Anyway, the new exterior has added  a front grille design, 12-LED L-shaped taillight and 2 new colors (Java Metallic and Dark Slate).The interior is also pretty charming: Dark Piano-hairline and Atlantic Cherry wood tone trims surely make the difference.

And of course, we shouldn’t forget about the 3.5L V6 engine that generates up to 290 horsepower , 261 lb-ft of torque and runs on 18 inch aluminum-alloy wheels.

So, basically we have two models of Nissan Maximia 2012 (3.5 S and and 3.5 SV) ready to be explored and taken home.