Nissan Debut Leaf Ev Racer

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The new zero-emissions model Nissan LEAF EV Racer car is going to be debut at New York International Auto Show in this week. It is one of the best electric cars in the world. The body of this car is prototype’s and ready to go any where.

Nissan LEAF EV Racer

The latest model Nissan LEAF NISMO RC has been designed by the well reputed NISMO division. The development of this car is not only going to take participation in New York Auto Show rather Nissan wants to demonstrate this motor car in all other 2011 car events and they want to expand zero emissions series in near future to a completion.

The body is fully carbon fibre monocoque therefore the weight is lesser than other racing car. The electric motor and battery are set in the middle and rear wheels are for driving.
Source: MSN Cars

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