New Technology Alerts You When One of Your Wheels is Loose. Here is How it Works.

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Our editor Carl Anthony explains how Loose Wheel Indicator works in the video above.

During the Motor Bella show at the M1 Concourse, our sister publication, AutoVision News, spent time with the Nira Dynamics team. Based in Linköping, Sweden, Nira Dynamics specializes in state-of-the-art vehicle analytics and road perception technologies for a new era of mobility. Alongside AutoVision News At Motor Bella, we were able to see a new vehicle feature called Loose Wheel Indicator, developed by the company.

Described as a “safety-first technology,” it detects when a wheel is loose on your vehicle and alerts you accordingly so you can slow down and pull over. After learning about the many different complications and safety benefits of Loose Wheel Indicator, we believe it’s something every vehicle should have as standard equipment.


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