New Cars for 2017- What you can look forward to


2017 is gearing up to be another exciting year with cars that range from Hyundai’s Genesis brand to the new pickup from Honda. Car enthusiasts can look forward to the best cars that include the Audi A6, Ford Fiesta, BMW 3 Series and so much more.

2016 was certainly a good year for the automobile industry that rolled out a variety of models like the Aston Martin DB11 and the Ford Focus that were guaranteed head-turners. There are several new models that are being rolled out and will give buyers even more options to choose from in the market.

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Something for Everyone

An action-filled year is expected with something for everyone, whether you have your eye on a sports car or something for the family. Considering the number of manufacturers who have major plans for the year ahead, it would be virtually impossible to highlight all the vehicles that have been scheduled for the market.

Trends and Upgrades

  • Some of the notable trends in the current market are the rising popularity of SUV, which has resulted in more manufacturers maximizing on this particular sector. However, this does not indicate that manufacturers are no longer producing the range of other vehicles. People can still expect to see various sports cars and family cars on the list.
  • Some models are also expected to receive upgrades such as the luxury vehicles, including the popular Mercedes S-Class. Best-selling vehicles such as the Ford Fiesta have also been undergoing updates. Drivers who prefer sporty performance will enjoy the Escape SE from Ford with its upgraded features.
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Sedans and Family Cars

People who value the characteristics of midsize sedans will be interested in what Toyota’s Camry XLE has to offer in 2017. For the shopper who is looking for a family-friendly vehicle that combines smooth driving, comfort and safety, Ford’s Explorer XT is a worthwhile choice with its spacious interior and exemplary performance that eases driving.


Luxury SUVs are a highly sought after commodity and the Mercedes GLS will not disappoint. The seven passenger S-class of the world of SUVs balances prestige and performance effortlessly. There is no doubt that the Mazda CX-3 is an attractive machine that is classified among smaller SUVs. It is a stylish and sporty that was introduced in 2016 and is pegged as one of the prospective top sellers of 2017.

American Brands

The Lincoln MKC is an American production that features a compact body and premium service. This car gives the dominant import brands stiff competition with its sleek style and engine performance as well as essential safety features.

2017 Redesigns

The aptly named Kia Sportage has undergone a redesign process to get it ready for 2017 and is one of the alternatives to popular models such as the Toyota RAV4. It has been touted as the best Sportage so far as well as the largest with its five-seater capacity.


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