NASCAR has become one of the fastest growing sports in the last few years. The fans that follow the sport have expanded beyond the borders of the United States to include over 150 countries. Every week, the Sprint Cup race is broadcast to these nations. As the sport has grown in popularity so has the incidence of sports betting on NASCAR. Many who follow the sport find that placing wagers on the race outcomes adds an additional sense of involvement for them.

NASCAR Betting

Bets can of course be placed on the upcoming race. However, some fans enjoy placing bets on future events. For instance, a common futures bet in NASCAR is betting on which driver will win the Sprint Cup Championship. Several years ago, NASCAR changed things up by adding what is known as the race to the chase. This made the end of the season more interesting as drivers had to earn points in the later races to move to the top. This prevented one driver from capturing the Sprint Cup mid-season by being so far ahead of others. Jimmie Johnson, five time champion, has the best odds of winning at the conclusion of the season.

Placing futures bets take a long time to see any results, so finding another thrilling activity to pass time is ideal. Slot machine games at online casinos can provide other motor sports. Take the Slot Angels slot machine for instance. This particular machine takes the motor bike riding Hell’s Angels and combines them with the aspects of a 3D online slots machine.

With realistic graphics and mega bonus rounds, Slot Angels is sure to please any NASCAR fan. The music used in the slot machine game features classic rock songs that create an aura of roughness one would associated with motor bike riders. Slot Angels is one game that will not disappoint.

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