Most & Least Reliable Car Brands on the Road


If you have ever seriously considered purchasing a car, you know not to underestimate the challenges when trying to find the right car for you. On top of the overwhelming amount of car brands and types you have to choose from, it is rarely clear where to find dependable and unbiased information. When it comes to different car brands, most people have no clue what to think because of all of the different things we hear. With all of the mixed reviews out there to dig through, as well as the constant changes occurring in the fast-paced industry, we’re here to set the story straight. CarSure created an interactive infographic that lays out exactly what you need to know about different car brands and how reliable they really are.


Factors that change a maker’s reliability, year after year

In order to effectively figure out whether or not car brands are trustworthy, CarSure took several factors into consideration. These factors include the model variations of vehicles by a certain car brand throughout the years since a particular model can change the average of a maker’s reliability score even if the rest of the vehicles in their fleet are above average. Another factor was the tech and design features included in different cars. Finally, the recalls that the brand has taken were considered. Even if a brand was listed as a top manufacturer in the year prior, recalls are important to look out for.


CarSure’s goal was to make their infographic as objective as possible. In doing so, they gathered and analyzed reviews from a variety of credible sources and used the reviews to score brands on the basis of three components. Throughout the examination of car reviews, car brands were scored on “Performance Assessment,” “Interior Assessment,” and lastly, the “Critic’s Opinion.”

Reliability Trends

Lucky for us, car brands are actually getting more and more reliable in order to stay on top in such a competitive industry. Taking a more disciplined approach to manufacturing, prioritizing continuous improvement, waste elimination, and other lean principles are all steps many car brands are taking to ensure customer satisfaction. One interesting finding is that SUV versions are not performing as well in the review and scoring process as car models. While brands like Toyota and Buick have done exceptionally well, Tesla and Fiat have been found to be unreliable for reasons such as, lack of transparency.

Reliability Legends

If you are looking to purchase the most reliable car on the market, we have found the best of the best when it comes to reliability. While some car brands fluctuate with regards to how reliable they are, Toyota has been known for their long-term reliability in practically all of their car models. 80% of Toyotas sold in the last 20 years are still being driven. Another reliability legend is the Honda Civic or Accord- from any year. Introduced all the way back in 1976, Honda continuously makes these models better and better.

With the help of CarSure’s infographic, you can finally take the guess work out of car-buying and find out the most reliable and unreliable cars on the road.