Most Common Injuries After a Car Accident


Car accidents are incredibly common with more than six million occurring each year. Reasons can include distracted driving, falling asleep at the wheel, losing control of the vehicle, speeding, and any number of other factors. The saying has become a bit cliché, but it is true that getting behind the wheel is the most dangerous thing most people do each day.

Crash fatalities have also risen in more recent years, unfortunately. Particularly in densely populated areas or in states that largely rely on trucking, such as California, the road can be a dangerous place. If you do find yourself involved in an accident and don’t know how to proceed, it’s likely a good idea to seek services provided by firms like this Orange County car accident lawyer while dealing with injuries or other complications. The following are some of the most common injuries sustained in car accidents.

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Bruises, cuts, and other small injuries

These minor injuries are by far the most common to have after an accident, and while they aren’t as major of concerns as others on the list, they are still painful and a risk for infection or other complications. Any time you’re in a car accident, even if you don’t believe you’ve been injured badly, it’s important to seek medical attention. This is for both your recovery and to establish medical records if you have a legal case later. Some injuries can also have delayed symptoms, and immediate attention can catch them early.


You’ve likely heard of whiplash after a car accident. This is a neck injury that can occur due to rapid and forceful back and forth movement of the head. It is most commonly suffered after a rear end collision, but it can result from any car accident. Women, young people, and those with previous neck injuries are more susceptible.

Symptoms will generally appear within 24 hours and can range in severity from a slight neck pain to extreme pain, blurred vision, and limited head movement. In extreme cases, such symptoms can persist for more than a year. The injury can usually be treated with exercises and pain management techniques, but it may require advanced treatment. These options can include injections, wearing a collar to limit movement, and even surgery.

Brain injuries

Head trauma is common in car accidents and can be extremely serious if left untreated. There are usually immediate signs of brain injuries, such as headaches, but certain injuries may be less obvious and can have severe consequences. Serious brain injuries may require long term treatment and result in permanent problems if not handled properly. A concussion is by far the most common type of brain injury, and while most patients who suffer this injury are released

without complication, they can cause significant difficulties.

Broken bones

Ribs are generally the most likely bones to break from moderate impact caused when a person is rapidly pushed forward after impact. Broken ribs are painful but can often be healed without complication. Other breaks may include arms, shoulders, legs, or hips. Most crashes can put unnatural pressure on your body, and this can easily result in a break.

Post-Traumatic Stress

Of course, not all injuries are physical. Any car accident is a stressful event, and a particularly bad one can understandably leave a person distressed and fearful of a similar event. Things that were once routine may become difficult or even impossible. Early discovery and intervention in these cases is important for any patient’s well-being, and it’s always recommendable to consult with your doctor about any unusual thoughts or feelings following a stressful event.

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