More than 77,000 Honda City, Amaze, WR-V and others get new fuel pumps

Honda Cars India issued a preventive recall on nearly 78,000 cars in India to replace a broken fuel pump. The Janese automaker has launched a service campaign to replace fuel pumps in 77,954 Honda vehicles, spanning multiple models and manufactured in India between January 2019 and September 2020. According to the automaker, the fuel pumps installed in these vehicles could contain defective impellers that could eventually cause the engine to stop or not start at all.

2018 Honda Amaze scenic shotHonda’s recall hit the Amaze sedan the hardest, with 36,086 units fitted with the malfunctioning fuel pump.

The recall will take place gradually and has already started on April 17, 2021. The automaker has published a detailed list of all affected models, including their production time and the number of units each model was fitted with the defective fuel pump. Except for the fifth generation Honda CityThe recall has affected every other Honda car in India. The vehicle hardest hit by this recall is that Honda Amaze with up to 36,086 units that are equipped with the defective fuel pump.

model Year of production Number of units affected
astonish Jan – Aug 2019 36,086
City of the last generation Jan. – Sept. 2019 20.248
WR-V Jan – Aug 2019 7,871
jazz Jan – Aug 2019 6.235
Civic Jan. – Sept. 2019 5.170
BR-V Jan. – Oct. 2019 1.737
CRV January 2019 – September 2020 607
total 77,954

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The recall also includes 20,248 units of the fourth generation Honda City, 7,871 units of the WR-V6,235 units of the Jazz hatchback, 5,170 units of the Bourgeois limousineand 1,737 units of the BR-V. All of these vehicles were manufactured between January and October 2019. In addition, the recall also includes 607 units of the Honda CR-V These were made between January 2019 and September 2020. It must be noted that the Honda CR-V, Civic and BR-V have been discontinued in India.

Honda CivicDiscontinued models such as the Honda CR-V and the Civic are now also affected by the recall.

Vehicles manufactured before or after the above period do not have the suspected problem with the fuel pump. This recall could actually be part of a global recall launched by Honda in March 2021. Earlier last month, Honda announced it would recall approximately 761,000 vehicles worldwide to replace fuel pumps that could fail and cause engine problems. Given the current situation with the pandemic in the country, Honda dealers are working with limited staff. Customers are advised to consult dealers in advance in order to comply with pandemic protocols.

The authorized Honda dealer partners will contact the owners of the affected vehicles individually. The replacement of the part is free of charge for the customer. In addition, owners can verify that their cars are covered by this campaign by entering the 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the special microsite created on the company’s website.

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