Moneysaving Tips for Buying Your Teen Her First Car

Car Buying

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Ever since she started high school, your daughter’s never missed a chance to hound you for a car. “All my friends drive themselves to school!”“All the cool kids have cars!”“Being driven around by my parents is so lame!” These are just a few of the statements that have been repeated ad nauseam for the last two years. Now that your daughter’s finally earned her license, it’s time to relent and get her a vehicle of her own. Her constant pleas for a car may be grating, but your little girl has proven herself to be a safe, responsible driver.

Not surprisingly, your primary concern is the sizable hole such a purchase stands to make in your bank account. While there’s no denying that a new vehicle is an expensive investment, there are numerous ways for you to save money when buying your little girl her first car.

Car Buying

Don’t be Afraid to Buy Used

Despite the unfortunate stigma often placed on pre-owned vehicles, most used cars are not problem-laden piles of scrap. Many of them are well-maintained, have been driven for an acceptable number of miles and, best of all, are considerably less expensive than their fresh-off-the-assembly-line counterparts. In addition, since many reputable car dealerships are home to a broad assortment of quality pre-owned vehicles, you should have no trouble finding a safe, practical used car that your daughter will be happy driving. For added protection, many dealerships offer complimentary parts and service packages with all of their used vehicles.

Say No to Add-ons

If you’re dead-set on buying your little girl a brand new vehicle, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars by saying no to the seemingly endless array of add-ons many car dealers offer to customers. So the next time a salesperson insists that a vehicle needs tinted windows, obnoxious aftermarket alarms or unnecessary paint protection packages, don’t hesitate to decline his offer. The only purpose many add-ons serve is to shake a little extra cash out of customers who haven’t done their research. If your daughter is intrigued by the idea of certain add-ons, inform her that she’s more than welcome to pay for them out of her own pocket.

Don’t Succumb to High-Pressure Sales Tactics

Once they’ve got you in their sights, certain salespeople will do whatever it takes to get you to buy a car as soon as possible. If you’re informed that another customer is about to purchase a vehicle you have your eye on or that a deal you’re being offered is only good today, call the salesperson on his bluff and walk away. People who engage in these types of sales practices often want to prevent you from checking other dealerships and finding a better deal. When looking for a new car, it’s imperative that you take your time and explore your options, so don’t let a pushy salesperson manipulate you into hastily making a large purchase.

Finding the right car for your little girl can be a daunting – and financially strenuous – task. However, by familiarizing yourself with a number of convenient moneysaving measures, you can ensure that you don’t break the bank paying for your daughter’s new wheels.