Modded Euros MK7 GTI Project

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     Unitronic and its advanced performance software and hardware modifications is taking the world by storm. The company has a full line of products for Euro vehicles such as Audi, Skoda, Volkswagen, Porsche, Seat, and Bentley. The driver gets supreme performance improvements for daily driving. Having a vehicle that is reliable and gives you a better consumption of fuel are just some of the added bonuses.

     In this article you’ll get information of Project MK7. Being powered by Unitronic, you’ll definitely see the differences and advantages of the product line’s performance enhancing modifications. (The MK7 Project) dealing with Volkswagen, is to see the upgraded benefits of a basic everyday car and how it responds with some of the Unitronic accessories applied to it. The company spared no expense here and went all out, which transformed this car into a beast.
Click here for more information on the product line:–2014-2015.

     MK7 GTI (Stage 1) By The Numbers

     The 2015 GTI is a very popular and fun car to drive but being a more basic vehicle, it lacks power and performance. Being fully stock; there is much to be desired as the engine pushes out only 218 horse-power and a limited 258lbs of torque. By adding some of Unitronic’s performance software and hardware; the car got a major boost and noticeable gains in its power delivery. Here are the numbers when applied with the Stage 1 modifications.

  • 218 Horsepower to 288 Horsepower
  • 258lbs of Torque to 306lbs of Torque

     After running this stock car on the dyno, huge improvements of power was added with the Stage 1+ ECU Tuning and the Carbon Fiber Intake, which easily mounts to the factory location. Baseline numbers at the end of the session was an added 70hp and a bonus of 48tq. By using Unitronic software, you’ll get easy to read numbers just by making a connection from the vehicle, over to your computer/laptop.

MK7 GTI (Stage 2) 3 Inch Downpipe Addition

     Next up the company decides to take it a bit farther by adding the downpipe and Catback System. The MK7 Modded Euro gets an even more advantage output from the Stage 2 Unitronic via UniConnect. Also the company’s (MQB) intercooler replaces the stock/factory intercooler. With the addition of the new downpipe, it definitely gave the car a more aggressive sound compared the stock version. Benefits of the system are:

  1. Overall Performance Boost
  2. Refined Power Delivery
  3. Huge Low (RPM) Increase
  4. More Top End Output/Power

     For more info on the (Modded Euros MK7 GTI Project) visit unitronic blog

     With a full range of performance enhancing products such as the turbo upgrade kit, downpipes, cold air intake, cat back system, and the Stage Systems; Unitronic has you covered with the best in hardware and technology.