Mini Rocketman at 2011 Geneva Motor Show

Mini Rocketman Concept introduced in Geneva Auto Car Show 2011. The double turbo engine has been installed for getting better speed. It’s a four wheel drive car. This car is suitable for small family.

Mini Rocketman
Mini Rocketman at 2011 Geneva Motor Show

It’s a small size car with 11 feet in length and four people can accommodate in this car. The body of this car is made of carbon fiber and roof with fully illuminated union jacks. It’s a double door car.

The door can easily open and close with simple press on the bottom. The latest communication technology iPod,iPhone/iPad has introduce inside the car for instant communication and listening music. The gasoline consumption rate is very poor. Entertain your passengers while you enjoy the driving to the fullest is at the center of Mini Rocketman!

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