Mercedes-Benz S65 Tuned by CFC-SUNDERN

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Let me tell you a story about the beautiful Mercedes-Benz S65.

Once upon a time, a gorgeous and powerful Mercedes was created. Since it was very strong (612-horses and 1,000Nm (737 lb-ft) of peak torque, generated by its 6.0-litre twin-turbocharged V12 engine), no one could ever defeat it.

But the problem was in its looks.Not everyone liked it, so a fairy called CFC-SUNDERN decided to play a bit with its exterior beauty.

So, it started taking some features (redesigned front and rear bumpers, exterior mirrors, headlamps, taillights and side skirts) from its ancestors ( 2006-2009 S65 AMG) and also from some fierce competitors (Lamborghini style front doors, colored alloy wheels and a two-color foil wrap).

But it would have been a pity to give it such a wonderful look and keep it dry inside. So the good fairy threw in some quilted black and white Nappa leather, and ‘La familia’ logos stitched on the white-leather steering wheel.

And the pretty Mercedes lived happily ever after, being admired and loved by all its fans.

The end!