Mercedes-Benz CLS: Lifecycle of 4-door Coupe to End in August 2023

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As per media reports, production of the Mercedes-Benz CLS will end in August 2023. It was this (first-generation) car that started the trend of four-door coupes when it came out back in 2006.

Mercedes Benz Cls

Mercedes has recently revealed the next-gen E-Class but the German company did not come up with the fourth-gen CLS. The current-gen CLS shares its chassis, powertrains, and technology with the soon-to-be-replaced E-Class.

Mercedes says that customers who are interested in buying sleek cars like the CLS can turn their heads toward its new electric sedans like the EQE and EQS.

Perhs ending the lifecycle of the CLS makes sense for Mercedes considering its efforts to simplify its product line up as it is headed towards electrification. What do you think?



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