Mazda MX-5 Surprises Us Again!

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It was about time Mazda got some attention, don´t you think? We kind of missed it!

And we have some good news with it. The 2012 Mazda MX-5 has been added one the ¨10 Best Road Trip Cars” list available on Kelly Blue Book’s, making this, the second time Mazda was voted for a honor like this (the first one was in 2007).

This officially recognizes Mazda as a strong, secure car which protects us from many troubles.

But beautiful Mazda is available now in 3 series, to make our delight even bigger: Sport, Touring and Grand Touring . All these offer either a manual transmission (city/highway mpg is 22/28 mpg for Sport and 21/28 mpg for Touring and Grand Touring) or an automatic one (estimated milage city/highway of 21/28 mpg for all models).

As for the price, this varies between $23-27,000.

How else did you think Mazda was going to do it?

You like?