Maxlider Brothers ready to build your dream Bronco 6×6

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It was just a matter of time.

Vehicle customizer Maxlider Brothers Customs has announced plans to build a 6×6 version of the modern Ford Bronco Deliveries are scheduled to begin this summer.

Since Mercedes-Benz AMG launched the G63 6×6 Back in 2013, several tuning firms tried to mimic the success (and notoriety) of this vehicle by offering 6×6 conversions of other rugged SUVs and pickup trucks. The list contains the Chevrolet Silverado, Ford F-150 Rtor, Jeep Gladiator / Wrangler, Land Rover Defender, Ram 1500 TRX, and more.

2021 Ford Bronco 6x6 Conversion - Photo credit: Innov8 Design Lab / Maxlider Brothers Customs

2021 Ford Bronco 6×6 Conversion – Photo credit: Innov8 Design Lab / Maxlider Brothers Customs

Now we can add the bronco. First discovered by Motor1, Maxlider posted computer generated renders of his planned Bronco 6×6 on his Facebook page over the weekend. Along with the renders, the company said it is now taking orders to deliver the first vehicles in 2022. The price tag? An insane $ 399,000.

Maxlider offers a full line of upgrades for the Bronco, though the Bloomington, Illinois-based company hasn’t mentioned what exactly it plans to include in its Bronco 6×6. The obvious improvements include the BFGoodrich off-road tires (including a full-size spare tire), raised suspension, flared fenders, brush guards, and a roof rack with off-road lighting. Of course there is also an extended frame that carries the additional axle and differential.

Under consideration of next Ford Ranger will share the same updated T6 body platform as in the Bronco, there is a good chance Maxlider will be able to do a 6×6 rebuild of the new pickup. The new Ranger will be introduced later this year as the 2022 model.


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