Maserati MC12 by Edo Competition

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Edo MC12s grow by around 70 HP more than the standard model MC12, thanks to some modifications “borrowed” from one another supercar, the Ferrari FXX.

edo_maserati_mc12.jpg edo_maserati_mc12_2.jpg edo_maserati_mc12_3.jpg
Maserati MC12 by Edo Competition

Power: 700 hp
Accelerates: 0-100 km / h: 3.5s
Top speed: 370 km / h

The series car reaches 330 km / h, 20 km / h less than rival Enzo. Tuners from Edo Competition resolved this deficit, the needle on MC12 speeding up to 370 km / h. The acceleration is brutal, builders say, with 100 km / h reached in just 3.5s, 200 km / h in 9.5s and 300 km / h in the 22s.

edo_maserati_mc12_4.jpg edo_maserati_mc12_5.jpg edo_maserati_mc12_6.jpg
Maserati MC12 by Edo Competition

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