Markuzzi ME 35 GT – Widebody for C Class

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Aggression and sportsmanship. Exactly what you expect when read as a tuner installed a wide-body kit on a different model. And the sedan in front of the case is no exception …
For start, meet the teacher Markuzzi and student Mercedes C350.
“Disciple” was chosen with a new wide-body kit that contains a lot of items such as a new front spoiler with large prize, a hood of the C63 AMG, thresholds lateral extensions for wings and a giant rear speaker that almost stretches up to aileron subtly on the trunk.

Markuzzi ME 35 GT

Rims measure 19 inches and come with the wear on tires 215/35 R19 front and 305/25 R19 rear. So, a more careful, not wrong if we say that the set back and he is “wide”. For a more close contact with asphalt, Markuzzi installed a suspension H & R.
And how wideness is the main theme of the ME 35 GT, it was applied under the hood, the V6 of 3.5 liters now developing 332 horsepower and 400 Nm. Finally, a wide degree Markuzzi for ME 35 GT.

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