Lotus Elise R by Stark

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Lotus Elise R tuned by Stark is a supercar that runs from 0 to 100km/h in only 3.9 seconds. Also the most sportive version of the supercar has a top speed of 256km/h. The engine on the Lotus Elise R comes from a Honda.The K20A i-VTEC with ECU DTA Fast S60 Pro modified and tied to a K20 transmission with 6 gears.Also they modified the suspension and brake system.

Lotus Elise R by Stark

This process of having an improved Lotus Elise R has a pretty high cost,because it is fully changed and the components are modified or rebuild as the client wants it.The wheels are also changed with the new Lotus Sport 160 equipped with Yokohama tires.
Lotus Elise R has a price of 33.950 Euro and the owners of this supercar that want this package get a big discount.All models sold by Stark Automotive have a 12 months warranty and the road taxes payed for 6 months.

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Lotus Elise R by Stark

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