Lexus LFA and the Troublesome Accident!

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Apparently we have a big premiere  in the Lexus family. Not a positive one, but still, enough to give us some juice gossip.

Lexus LFA  has been involved into a car crash at the beginning of October last year, in Orlando, Florida. Some say that this $400,000 Lexus LFA was taken for a spin by an employee at the Lexus dealership, who managed to damage the front and rear bumper pretty seriously.

I guess he is now out of job and paying the price (expensive price) of his recklessness, since a front bumper alone costs like $16,000.

But there is still a ray of hope in all this misery: On January 3rd, this Lexus was sold at the Expo Motor Cars in Houston, Texas, with only 635 miles on the odometer.

I guess this is why driving is not for everyone!