Learn About Top Car Apps Used in Smartphones


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Smartphones are gradually entering in every sector of our lives. If you possess a car, you can have apps for that also. Now, the Ideal Auto USA can offer you with various useful apps that can be helpful for your cars.

Repair Pal: This is a free app where you can easily find the repair mechanics in your area. This reduces your legwork for searching here and there and getting quotes from them. You just need to select the model of the car and the type of repair required. This app will then provide you with the information along with the approximate cost of the process.

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Honk: With the help of the GPS pin, you can mark the places where you are parking your car. You can also take a snap and can make voice notes regarding the place where you have left your car. With the help of the Honk, you can also locate the nearest ATM, gas station or coffee house. For finding the way, there is an exceptional breadcrumb feature by which you can locate easily.

Augmented Driving: The augmented driving helps in providing warnings of the speed and can prevent the front collisions. The accurate visual data comes from the camera and warnings and alerts are also provided. The alarms can be customized according to the preference of the drivers and the audible alarms can be disabled if necessary.

PlugShare: Sometimes finding the nearby charging station can be difficult. This app can easily find out the location by categorizing the quick charge and the public options which are currently in use. The app also offers driving directions and the contact information of the owners of the chargers. The results can be refined by removing or adding the free stations.

Car Minder Plus: The maintenance of the car is one of the most important yet boring tasks of the car owners. This particular app will remind you about the schedule of the maintenance. By following the manual, you are required to input the schedule within the app. It also tracks the economy of the fuel and can combine the data in an easy to read graph.

Witness Driving: You can easily protect yourself from the insurance frauds and damages caused by the bad drivers. It records the location, speed, time and date easily within a few seconds. The accident detection feature can also be sent through a notification mail. The control systems are very simple and less distractive in nature. For using this app, you need a windshield for your phone.

Real Racing 3: This app is designed to provide some fun to the car racing lovers. Though it eats up a lot of memory space of your phone, you can download it for free.

Gas Buddy:  You just need to pay for the gas you require. This app helps to find out the optimal use of the gas. You are not required to compare the prices and roam about from one gas station to the other.

Dynolicious Classic: The app is based on the accelerometers which are built in the phone. It can measure the longitudinal and lateral horsepower.

The visual data that comes out from the phone is accurate most of the times. Some warnings and the alerts can be tiresome if the signals are not recognized properly. With the witness driving app, you must need a separate wind shield. Though most of the apps are free of cost, some app developers charge money for using the apps in the advanced levels. The installation instructions of all the apps are also very easy.

Author Bio: Ryan Anderson is a well known car specialist who works with Ideal Auto USA. In this article, he is discussing about all the top car apps used in the smartphones.