Lamborghini Reventon Review


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I want to present you a beautiful review for a powerful and very interesting Lamborghini.
Lamborghini has a bull in its badge, so also Reventon is a name of famous bull owned by Don Rodriguez. Ultra powerful engines roaring everywhere, sharp design; these are symbols of the manufacturer with a bull in its badge. No doubt that a owner of the newest Lamborghini Reventon needs to be a hard bull-fighter.

Lamborghini Reventon

The bodykit’s design is amazing and it’s made of carbon. The front part has dominating sharp edges of the top and two big openings. Their mission is to cool enormous front brakes. A diffuser and a pair of inlets can’t miss. Light is provided by a pair of bi-xenon headlamps with LED technology. It’s true that the designers took a lot from the jet.

Lamborghini Reventon

The interior is same exclusive as the exterior. It’s seen at the first sight that this car has more common with jet fighters than any other vehicle. Those colors, materials, simply everything is inspired by the military stuff.

Lamborghini Reventon

The engine offers 650hp (480kW) at 8000rpm and 660Nm of torque. It catapults you to 100kmph in 3.4 seconds! Its top speed is around 340kmph. Amazing, don’t you think?

Lamborghini Reventon

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