Lamborghini Gallardo Reiter LP560 GT3

When it comes about the names like Ferrari and Lamborghini people, strangers to the phenomenon of self, can agree on one thing very clear: produce both brands cars exotic, aggressive design and performance experience.
Reasons that are the same people to reach this conclusion are not this time as common.
If Ferrari is fitted with technology for last time race, Lamborghini, mostly, do not participate in motorsport competitions.

Lamborghini Gallardo Reiter LP560 GT3

For that, the bull has Italian people from Reiter Engineering. German company has decades of experience behind the cars turned Lamborghini racing power who gains many successes. Recall only the GT3 class cars Lamborghini Reiter preparations were in evidence all over the world.
Latest innovation by the Germans love Italians out of phase of development as the GT3 and Reiter LP560 is the LP560-4 Gallardo.
Rocket has a propeller fitted to 5.2-liter V10, with the specifications as required in GT3. Chassis is aluminum and is washed with carbon fiber for weight dropped to 1190 kg.
And more interesting is that design can be improved fireball after car has been built to compete in the GT2 class top.
LP560 GT3 Reiter sell at the price of 265,000 euros to upgrade GT2 class will be offered for another 30,000 euros.

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