Kill Your Speed! No Excuses!



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Let’s say you have a friend, and that friend comes up to you and tells you that they’re annoyed because they’re in legal trouble for driving while drunk. Would you have any sympathy for them? Of course not! In fact, you would probably be absolutely furious with them for doing something so stupid and irresponsible. Why then, if that’s the case, are people’s reaction’s so different when it comes to speeding. Most of the time if a friend tells them that they’re in trouble for speeding people will join them in complaining about how annoying or unfair that is. And yet, speeding is often just as dangerous as drunk driving. The problem is that so many people simply don’t see it as much of an issue. To try and change that, here are some reasons why you’re officially out of excuses for speeding.

You’re costing yourself a lot of money

This one is certainly not the most important, but it is the one that people often pay the most attention to. If you’re speeding everywhere, you go then you’re almost certainly doing two things. Firstly, you’re burning through fuel far more quickly than you otherwise would, driving up the amount you spend filling your car with petrol. Secondly, you’re damaging the car itself. Constantly pushing the engine to its limit is going to shorten it’s life drastically. Cars simply weren’t designed to go at top speed all of the time. Not only that but driving too fast means that you’re going to be braking suddenly, which can wear down and ruin your brakes incredibly quickly.

You could lose your license


Picture From Pexels

The vast majority of people need their cars in order to get around, and without them, your life could well end up coming to a total standstill. Well, if you continue speeding then that it just what could happen to you. The law is cracking down on speeding offenses, and if you end up with too many, you can lose your license, taking away your ability to drive for good. Most people would probably agree that getting to your destination a few minutes ahead of schedule isn’t worth the risk of losing the ability to drive altogether.

You’re putting lives at risk

This is the big one. If there’s no other reason that you can find to convince you to kill your speed, let this be the one. If you are speeding, you are putting your life and the lives other people in serious danger. If you hit someone with your car, any pedestrian accident attorney will be able to show in an instant that the speed at which you were going directly impacted how badly they were hurt. If you hit someone at thirty miles per hour, they will be badly hurt, but there is a very high chance that they will live. Even going five miles per hour faster than that can turn an injury into something much more fatal. Most people would agree that, no matter how much of a rush you’re in, it’s simply not worth the risk.

It doesn’t matter if you’re running late if you have somewhere to be, or whatever other reasons you might have. There are no excuses for speeding any more than there are any excuses for driving while drunk. It’s time to kill your speed.