Keys to a High-Performing Motorcycle


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What’s better than having a motorcycle? Having a high-performing motorcycle that you can count on for the perfect ride.

When you have a great motorcycle, you’ll enjoy better handling and acceleration. You’ll be safer, because your reliable ride will behave as it should. And you’ll have the satisfaction that comes with knowing that you’re a part of your ride’s success, too — because without the key factors below, your perfect ride won’t stay that way for long.

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Making the right choice when you buy

Want a high-performing motorcycle? Then you should buy one.

It sounds simple, but a little bit of research before you buy can go a long way when it comes to motorcycles. Take your time, figure out what you want, and research the heck out of all of your options. Read reviews, ask for advice, shop around, and take test rides. You want to get this decision right.

If you choose to go with a used motorcycle, be careful. Get it thoroughly check out by a mechanic you trust, and check vehicle history reports. If you take care to vet the bike before you buy, you should be able to get a reliable ride on the secondary market.

Investing in preventative maintenance

No matter how great your bike is, it will eventually have issues. But if you wait until those issues arrive to start addressing your motorcycle’s needs, you can bet that those issues will come fast and furious — and will cost you a mint.

Here’s a better idea: Address your motorcycle’s maintenance needs before something goes wrong. Invest in regular oil changes and other essential motorcycle maintenance tasks, and keep an eye out for problems so that you can solve them right away. Neglect breeds problems with motorcycles.

Teaming up with the right mechanic

And who is going to take care of all of this preventative maintenance? You may be handy around the garage, but your safest bet is to enlist the help of a trained and certified mechanic. You’ll be able to rest a little easier knowing that your bike is in the hands of a mechanic you trust.

To find the right mechanic, start by looking for one who specializes in motorcycles — and, ideally, in your particular make and model of bike. Ask around for recommendations, especially when you’re around other motorcycle enthusiasts. And double-check your warranty to make sure that you’re not obligated to use the dealer’s mechanic to keep your warranty intact.

Once you have a mechanic, be sure to develop a good relationship. Don’t want until you have an issue with your bike to stop by: instead, make it clear that you’re willing to invest in preventative maintenance. Develop a maintenance plan with your mechanic and stick to it! Your mechanic should be able to help you set a schedule for maintenance visits, and you should of course come into the shop in between visits if you notice anything at all wrong with your bike.

Getting the right parts and repairs

Your reliable mechanic will help you make sure that you’re always giving your motorcycle the best. That includes the best possible replacement parts. Don’t skimp out on parts, tires, or even accessories like covers — the better the stuff you get is, the more it will do for your motorcycle.

So get good, brand-name motorcycle tires, because then you’ll find that your bike handles better on the road. Get OEM parts for repairs, so that the new part doesn’t just fail again. Get great safety gear, so that you can rest easy. Yeah, the good stuff costs a bit more — but it’s worth it.

Pair your great motorcycle with responsible riding techniques

A bike is only as good as its rider, so make sure that you’re safe out there! Practice defensive riding and be careful of cars and other vehicles out on the road, especially because other drivers so often fail to see motorcyclists.

If you drive carefully, you’ll be less likely to get into an accident and more likely to get more out of your motorcycle. Sudden acceleration and deceleration, sharp turns, and, of course, crashes, can really take a toll on a bike — so driving better really will give you a better bike!

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