Karissa Shannon on Her Boyfriend Mercedes CLS

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Karissa Shannon was recently snapped on a white Mercedes CLS. Karissa Shannon, a bit notorious character for her deeds, was one of the twins who are currently living up and sharing bed with Hugh Hefner, the creative chief of Playboy. Karissa debuted to her career as first becoming the playmate on the magazine.

Karissa Shannon on Her Boyfriend Mercedes CLS

Though the twins are sharing their pleasures with the Playboy chief, Karissa blatantly admits her relationships going in other way. Whatever she is at the moment is to seek more opportunities.

Sam Jones, a black guy, is the owner of the Mercedes CLS which happen to be just from the show room as it lacks anything from a ‘celeb’ sensation. The car itself is new and that’s all. It’s not something million dollar one that people are normally used to perceive about celebrities.
Source: celebritycarsblog.com

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