Jeff Breault – Top 3 Car Races n the World


Jeff Breault and myself are like two peas in a pod, both huge race car lovers and both big fans of country music, albeit if our favorite artists do differ wildly. In fact even Jeff and I have a similar history of racing go karts and cars in our youth, sail neither of us ever made the grade. It is however our love of all things automotive which brought us together and I met Jeff during an Indy 500 race, after speaking for a while we realized that we were in fact neighbors, what are the chances! Jeffrey Breault and I have had a rumbling debate for a post which I wanted to write about the top 3 most prestigious races in the world, and we have finally reached a decision.


1 – Le Mans 24 Hour Race

There are few races which have the history and the legendary status of Le Mans, and there aren’t enough column inches here for me to even begin to dig through the lore of this magical race. The race was first help in 1923 and over the years it has spawned some of the most electrifying moments on a race track, some of the finest cars to ever grace a track, as well as some of the most incredible action you are ever likely to see on a track. This 8.5 mile circuit has seen its fair share of drama, as racers work in teams to race for a full 24 hours, often fixing cars along the way, a race like no other.

2 – Indy 500

The Indy500 where Jeff and I met narrowly missed out on top spot but it is certainly a shoe-in for second. First held in 1911 this is a race which sees 33 cars fly around a circuit measuring 2.5 miles often hitting speeds of up to 235 mph and the cherry on the cake? They drive for 500 miles straight. This is a race that is reserved only for the best of the best in the car industry and one must have the stamina for the journey, the guile to get the win, and a strong stomach to cope with such a long time of high speed driving.

3 – Monaco Grand Prix

We know that F1 is the most popular form of racing in the modern era and there is no shadow of a doubt that it is the Monaco Grand Prix which is the most special race of them all within F1. The races here were actually first held in 1929, some 20 years before F1 came into being. The street course is a strange race to watch and overtaking must be done with great risk, often resulting in all kinds of skirmishes and crashes. This is the greatest test for a Formula 1 driver, make it here and you’ll make it anywhere.

Where do you think the greatest races in the world are?

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