Jaguar to Call Tough Competition for BMW 3 Series

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This has never been their character that the superb car brand, Jaguar has called the BMW 3 Series is no off seasoned. Recently in a public showcase for their upcoming breed, Jaguar showed up their XF range. The new model is planned for a price tag line of less than 30,000 pounds.

Jaguar XF

At the moment the brand is lining up its assembly section for mass production of the XF. They are expecting the first batch will hit the streets by 2013 -2014. Though the car is posing serious competition for BMW 3 Series, the Audi will not stay untouched.

Gossips stress the fact that 3 series and A6 are all in same range. Capabilities added to Jaguar XF are to supersede that existing market segment, entirely.
Source: MSN Cars