IWC brings Tom Brady and Lewis Hamilton together for an epic interview

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It is not easy to become the GOAT of your respective sport. That’s why IWC Schaffhausen brought Tom Brady and Lewis Hamilton together for an exciting interview.

Both Tom Brady and Lewis Hamilton have become the GOATS of their sport, but not without years of hard work. IWV Schaffhausen brought the two together for an interview with James Corden. In the interview listed above, you will learn how they make a career, what drives them, whether they have superstitions and much more. They also talk about their love for watches and their very first watch purchased. Strangely, Brady’s dream watch was an IWC Schaffhausen. After years of using one as a screensaver, he bought one and he still owns it to this day. Both athletes also hit the nail on the head when they talk about how watches improve looks.

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