Italians and their new supercar – Tirrito Ayrton

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There are few days in 2009 and the Italians surprises out when we do not expect with a new supercar with a V12 engine of 627 hp. The car is produced by Tirrito Cars “and supercar’s list includes three models: S, R and T.

Tirrito Ayrton
Tirrito Ayrton

S series has a V10 engine and a 6-speed transmission. A 550 hp V10 is placed under the R’s hood. Tirrito T boasts a V8 with 500 hp and a 6-speed manual transmission. Total weight of each model is 1,120 kg.

Tirrito Ayrton

This collection of Ayrton cars is the creation of Andrea Tirrito. According to him, driving a Tirrito Ayron means “to get away from any cliché, leaving the crowd behind …” Leaving aside the metaphorical, one thing we know: Supercars Tirrito Ayrton will be available at Top Marques in Monaco, in April 2010.

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